Broadening our Horizons

As you can imagine, Scentsy’s ingenious Warmers andScentsy Bars took the world by storm.

Our company quickly grew, attracting thousands of enthusiastic new consultants who were inspired by the possibilities of our divinely fragranced products. With this surge of passionate individuals joining our team, we had more creative resources than ever, allowing us to develop numerous products designed to help you embark on your own journey of home and personal fragrance exploration in entirely new ways. Quickly, we released products like our convenient Room Sprays,Scent Circles, Scentsy Buddies, and most recently, our Layers collection of personal fragrance items.

Scentsy is always coming out with new and innovative products that change the way our customers use the uplifting effects of aroma in their lives.

Whether Scentsy’s releasing thrilling new scents, Warmer designs, or new products all together, you can count on Scentsy to strive for progress. That’s what makes shopping with Scentsy so exciting. You’ll always discover something new.

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