Gold Tulip Shade Scentsy Warmer

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Set a romantic mood by using our new Gold Tulip Shade Scentsy Warmer. The sensually swaying lines of the Warmer body are complemented by the sultry amber tones of its marbled finish. Light it up for a glam display of golden sparkles, shimmering with the Warmer’s inner glow.

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Gold Tulip Shade Scentsy Warmer

When you want to set the mood for a night of pure romance, you can’t go wrong with our new Gold Tulip Shade Scentsy Warmer. Its vintage style is reminiscent of antique boudoir fashions. The metallic bronze base puts the curvaceous Warmer body on display, along with the seductive glow of its golden amber finish. Dim the room’s lights and flick on the Warmer to unveil a starry array of gilded glitter. The design is finished off by a thin top rim of bronze edges and detailed beading.  A dramatic addition to our Scentsy Lampshade Collection of Scentsy Warmers.

. Available today from Scentsy for $40.00.