Iced Pine Scentsy Bar


Our Iced Pine Scentsy Bar will help you feel the invigorating end of year chill as you experience the uplifting aroma of green fir and pine needles freshly plucked from the holiday tree.

As the year enters her rest, the world becomes aglow with the glistening spectacle of the season’s first snow. Delicate snowflakes fall upon the holiday trees, leaving them shimmering with the sparkling ice that naturally ornaments their festive branches. Capture this bright scene with our refreshing Iced Pine Scentsy Bar. Inhale an icy breath of the sweet peppermint candy canes that give you a sugary rush of festive cheer as you revel in the brisk atmosphere of the world resting beneath a blanket of snow.

Fall is riding in on cool, refreshing winds, and you know that in a matter of weeks, you’ll see the arrival of the year’s first snow. It’s a sight you’ve been waiting for since the spring thaw. You simply can’t express just how much you love the beauty of winter weather, and the moment you see the glistening snowflakes fall, your spirit will be renewed with the merriment of the season. We recommend using this fragrance with our Pinon Plug In Warmer to celebrate tradition while bringing inspiring scent to even the smallest spaces.

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