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Scentsy Amber Ombre Shade

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Golden rays of light stream from the Amber Ombre Scentsy Shade Warmer, an antique-looking offering you will be proud to display as it warms lovely fragrance.

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Beautifully subtle, the Scentsy Amber Ombre Shade Warmer sends light through a variegated path of colors and textured glass, resulting in a warm and gentle glow. The glass shade trends from pale, transparent gold up through a dark bronze at the upper, beaded metal rim. Crackled glass adds an old fashioned feel.

A classic hourglass shape still surprises when it features crackled glass and a honeyed tint as in the Amber Ombre Shade Warmer by Scentsy. The bronze base has a smooth extension of metal around the bottom edge and the top of the shade highlights a circle of beaded metal. Crackled glass that cups the light begins in a barely there golden tint that culminated at the top in a traditional ombre effect, dark caramel just below the rim. This warmer looks like an heirloom to be treasured and passed along to another generation. Drop cubes into the glass suspended dish and immerse yourself in the fragrance.