Silver Bells Scentsy Bar


Fruit meets candy in this fun and festive Scentsy bar – pears, candy canes, caramel and vanilla-infused sugar make a fragrance treat that will delight all year round.


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Our Silver Bells Scentsy Bar just might be what all that “dashing in the snow” is about – they’re anxious to get home and breathe it in! Juicy holiday pairs meet the refreshing minty sweetness of striped candy canes, finishing with a swirl of thick caramel and a light sprinkling of bright vanilla sugar.

This fun holiday-inspired scent borrows lusciously ripe pairs from a fruit basket, pairs them with the crisp peppermint sweetness of candy canes, adds a dollop of buttery caramel and finishes with a generous sprinkling of sparkling vanilla sugar. The result? Our Silver Bells Scentsy Bar. A sweet and fruity confection that’s just as welcoming in warmer months as it is in chilly temperatures.