Blackberry Nightlight Warmer


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A rich, deep and faceted dark purple shade filters the light and diffuses sweet scents from our Scentsy Blackberry Nightlight. Order yours today!

Inspired by the glistening fruits of high summer, the jewel-like plug in Blackberry Nightlight Warmer adds a rich note to your home decorating. The intense dark purple color is refined and elegant in living areas and subtle and sedcutive in the bedroom. Dreamy sweet or sophisticated scents float from the top of this berry when the light is lit.

Intensely colored and textured to look like a perfect single fruit, the Blackberry Nightlight Warmer by Scentsy is a beautiful focal point for any room of your home. As the light lights through the many rounded facets of the gracefully curved shade a beautiful deep purple glow spreads, this lovely look rivaled only by the fragrance you have chosen to share by dropping selected cubes into the top of the compact, wall hugging warmer. Subtle and refined, the Blackberry brings a special magic to your dining room, a quiet corner of your home office or the guest bathroom. A year-round winner from Scentsy.

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