Scentsy Mossy Oak Break Up Nightlight Warmer


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The Scentsy Mossy Oak Break Up Plug In Nightlight Warmer features colorful autumn leaves, rich oak bark and a beautifully illuminated surface, honoring the spirit of the woods.

When you peek at the photo-realistic leaves and bark of the Scentsy Mossy Oak Break Up Plug In Warmer, you’ll fondly recall strolls through the woods, or the exhilaration of the hunt. This light up fragrance accessory works with your favorite Scentsy blends to look and smell amazing each time you click it on.

Take a stroll through the forest every time you walk into your favorite room with the Mossy Oak Break Up Nightlight Warmer. The famous camouflage pattern beloved by outdoor enthusiasts and hunters nationwide has now been transformed into a cozy fragrance accessory that offers illumination and scent, when paired with your favorite Scentsy blends. The translucent image of crisp fall leaves, sticks and bark gives you a camping experience without ever leaving home.

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