Metal Petal Scentsy Warmer


Dark and lighter blue greens chase around the warmer, the diffused edge of the flowers giving an ancient feeling to the ceramic piece.

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With a distressed yet timelessly lovely verdigris coloration that indicates weathered copper, the Metal Petal Scentsy Warmer offers a scattering of blooms fixed in time and place on a sage hued background. Suffuse a quiet corner of your home in a mossy jade glow as the Scentsy cubes do their aromatic magic.

Embellished with a garland of blue-green blooms, the subtle patina of the Metal Petal Scentsy Warmer recalls ancient copper-decorated jade jars. Settle this antiqued jar in a area that needs a little light and let the scent and gentle green radiance add pleasing warmth and welcome to your home’s ambiance.