Scentsy Calavera Sugar Skull Warmer


Bright white and bold colors recall the classic decorations of the Calavera Sugar Skulls, a Mexican tradition, beautifully rendered by Scentsy  in this tribute Warmer.

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A beautiful example of and interpretation of traditional Mexican folk art the Calavera Sugar Skull Warmer by Scentsy will be the centerpiece of any Day of the Dead celebration. Pure white ceramic is decorated with greens, purple and golds like the flower adorned skulls throughout the communities that honor this day.

The Calavera Sugar Skull Warmer from Scentsy will hold a special place in your decorating scheme, especially if Dia de los Muertos is a tradition your family honors. Glorious bright and bold colors adorn the pure white ceramic skull, a painted retelling of the beautiful flowers that decorate the classic sugar skulls. If this celebration is new to you embrace it with this gorgeous warmer, honoring those you have lost with a colorful and hopeful practice that adds depth and great feeling and meaning to your late October rituals. Fill with your favorite scent to complete the magic.