Thistle Scentsy Warmer


Featuring a deep purple background with raised detailing, our Thistle Scentsy Warmer will be available to purchase on March 1, 2015

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Dusky plum purple is embellished with swirls of mauve, raised for an interesting texture in the Thistle Premium Warmer by Scentsy. The whorls intersect and mesmerize for an elegant and intriguing effect. A lovely accent for the living room or a passionate purple addition to the bedroom, spreading pleasurable fragrances wherever it is placed.

Like looking down within the proud bloom atop its prickly plant, the Thistle Premium Scentsy Warmer offers an elusive beauty. Deep, smokey purple is textured with interlocking florets of pastel greyed lavender, a very elegant and subtle color combination that makes this warmer perfect for a formal setting. The eye catching petals draw you into the design, tempting you to let it warm a soothing Scentsy bar in your bedroom or master bath as you contemplate each line and try to follow flower to flower the maze of details. Relax with Thistle wherever it works in your home, bringing wonderful fragrances to every corner.