Petal Green Scentsy Warmer


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Cool green ruffles beckon, inviting you to a Scentsy experience in the garden with this fanciful warmer.

A magical and mysterious experience awaits when you welcome the Petal Green Scentsy Warmer from the Premium Collection into your home. A fun and fanciful warmer melts cubes of Scensty in a cup of spring green, ruffled around with just-blossomed petals so fresh they seem to be kissed with morning dew.

When the Petal Green Premium Warmer joins your Scentsy collection be ready for a chorus of oohs and aahs from friends and family, its wavy contours too cute for words. A fresh and dewy offering from the garden, this adorable warmer is ready to share the best of Scentsy’s floral or lively green and grassy fragrance bars from your personal bouquet. Fill your home with marvelous scents while experimenting with the decorating possibilities of this unusual flower warmer, perfect in the bathroom or in a serene display in the living or bed room. A fun accent piece, or cluster with other flower-based warmers.

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