Black Chevron Scentsy Warmer


Add a dash of daring style to any room with our new Black Chevron Scentsy Warmer. The simple round base is made sleek by a glossy coat of black paint, then swiped through by the zig zagging lines of graphic white chevron stripes.

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Give your home the same sense of daring and excitement expressed in your personality, by using our new Black Chevron Scentsy Warmer. Its coating of slick black paint at the base is cut through by bold white chevron stripes, then covered in a sleek gloss.

When it comes to decorating, you want your home’s style to not only be comfortable, but to reflect your personality as well. This is especially true if you’re the type who likes to break the mold and keep things unpredictable. So how do you incorporate this daring element while keeping your decor on trend? By using our new Black Chevron Scentsy Warmer. The base is covered in a slick black gloss, while binding stripes of bold white chevrons add an extra feeling of edginess and excitement to this contemporary design.