Antique Cross Scentsy Warmer


Celebrate faith and a love of vintage style with the Antique Cross Scentsy Warmer, a stately combination of soft cream hues and a faux-worn raised cross centerpiece.

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A lightly crackled finish, a soft off-white color and a charming raised cross accent make the Antique Cross Scentsy Warmer a welcome addition to any room. Dotted with small vent holes along the top edge, it offers gentle illumination as it melts your favorite Scentsy bars into a fragrant pool above.

With a style that would be right at home in an old New Orleans church, the Antique Cross Scentsy Warmer marries old world style with a soft, inviting cream hue that blends effortlessly into any existing decor theme. The surface of this charming warmer features a faux-crazing that adds distinctive crackle patterns throughout, and the raised cross at the front is gently rubbed and worn for a vintage look you’re sure to fall in love with.