Introducing Scentsy Miracle Collection

The Scentsy Charity warmer represents unlimited kindness to others, often demonstrated through generosity. Today, many people express charity through donations and good will. The hectic pace of life rarely allows for much more.

The Charity Scentsy warmer provides inspiration to be kind to others and ourselves. The Charity Scentsy warmer in the Miracle collection features Spanish-style details embossed on a matte antique white finish with tones of brown, rust and green. Matte-Glaze Finish With Spanish-Style Details Faith represents trust in another, and, often, belief where there is no proof. Life without faith creates a world filled with chaos. Faith begins in the heart and echoes throughout the mind and soul.

The Faith Scentsy warmer helps give the heart a voice and eases the mind’s concerns. This warmer has a matte glaze finish featuring a Spanish-style cross and Mediterranean details. Antique Finish With Ironwork Flourish Details Hope is the most difficult value to embrace in modern life. World events and global crises cast shadows across the dreams of tomorrow. Hope, though, rejuvenate the soul and sparks the imagination. Anything is possible with hope. Hope begins in the home, where loved ones grow and thrive. Hope is easily shared and flows fluidly across humankind.

The Hope Scentsy warmer in the Scentsy Miracle Collection reminds us to look to the future and not dwell on the challenges of the present. The warmer features an antique finish embossed with a Spanish-style cross and ironwork flourish details. Charity, faith and hope are the miracles of life shared through the Scentsy Miracle Collection of warmers. These inspirational and beautiful warmers, combined with the soothing aromas of Scentsy Bars, serve as valuable reminders of the treasures in today and every tomorrow.

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