Introducing Scentsy Premium Mid-Size Warmers

Just because you don’t have the space for one of our Premium Full Size Warmersdoesn’t meant that you can’t enjoy lavish Scentsy Warmer styles suitable for smaller spaces. With our Premium Mid Size Warmers, you can do just that. Choose from the unique pieces in our Individual collection to celebrate the bubbly side of your personality. These warmers are also thoughtful gifts for the scent lovers in your life. Choose from the Nursery Collection to find a charming warmer that can perfectly fit atop your baby’s changing table, providing plenty of sweet, refreshing scent.

Individual Collection
There’s no doubting that you’re one special person, one unlike any other! Scentsy wants to celebrate your charming individuality by presenting you with a warmer from our Individual collection. Have fun with the various unique styles that express the many facets of your bubbly personality.

Nursery Collection
Every mother wants to share the joy of fresh, gentle scents with her little one. Now you can safely fragrance their nursery with an adorably designed warmer from our Nursery collection. Soothe and calm your baby with our most softly aromatic Scentsy Bars such as Newborn Nursery or White Sands.

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