BananaBerry Scentsy Bar

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Our BananaBerry Scentsy Bar is sure to please. The smooth and creamy fragrance of banana cream, combined with delectable and perfectly ripened strawberries. The BananaBerry Scentsy Bar is the Scent of the Month for June 2013 and will be 10% off the first month that it is featured.

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BananaBerry Scentsy Bar

What’s the perfect way to cool off during the summer? By dipping your spoon into a smooth, creamy pie for a spoonful of cool, fruity flavor. Feel the cool textures play upon your taste buds, giving you a zing of refreshment. Chilled, smooth banana cream acts as a perfectly sweet base for freshly picked sun-ripened strawberries. These luscious tastes have been captured in the fragrance of our BananaBerry Scentsy Bar. As our June Scent of the Month, you’ll get it at 10% off, along with the Scent Circle and Room Spray.

. Available today from Scentsy for $5.00.


BananaBerry Scent