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Tiare Maohi Scentsy Bar

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Our Tiare Maohi Scentsy Bar gets it's fragrance from a tropical flower in the Pacific islands.

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Indulge in the luxurious aroma of exotic island perfume by using our new Tiare Maohi Scentsy Bar. You’ll be treated to the captivatingly heady aroma of Tahitian gardenia, mixed with deliciously creamy island coconut.

The Tiare Maohi Scentsy Bar. Found blossoming in the highlands of French Polynesia is a captivatingly fragrant tropical flower, the Tiare Maohi. This simple, pinwheel shaped white bloom showers the vegetation of the small Pacific islands with a vision of smooth, white petals and a distinctive, indulgent aroma. The flower is also known simply as the Tahitian gardenia, which many of the locals use to make Monoi Tiare Tahiti, a decadent perfume made with the flower’s essence, and the oil of coconut. You can treat yourself to the sumptuous fragrance of this exotic perfume by using our new Tiare Maohi Scentsy Bar. It is sure to add a luscious scent to your home. You’ll be surrounded by the heady floral aroma of Tahitian gardenia, and a deliciously creamy note of sweet island coconut.