Skinny Dippin’ Layers Shower Gel


You won’t be able to stop the smile from lighting up upon your face as you take notice of a tart and slightly mischievous blend of green apples and crisp pears. Use this rejuvenating Shower Gel whenever you need to resurrect your sense of positivity and light hearted joy.

Tickle your senses with a playful blend of summertime fruits that are sure to awaken the carefree warmth that filled your heart in your youth. This sweet and innocently fragranced Shower Gel is perfect for turning an ordinary shower experience into a cool, cheerful trip down memory lane.

Dipping your toes in isn’t the way to make a splash. Dive on into a brand new world of youth as you change up your daily routine with our new Skinny Dippin’ Shower Gel. Its silky texture produces a light yet potent lather that will not only cleanse your skin of all impurities, but cleanse your mind of all worries and inhibitions. Insecurity’s grip will hold you hostage no longer! Once you breathe in this bubbly fragrance, you’ll feel your spirit return to a state of carefree optimism, just like in the days of your childhood. Your long-neglected playful side will rejoice once it’s kissed by a dewey medley of cool, juicy melons.

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