RU N2 Me Layers Shower Gel


The moment you enter the shower and let this richly scented lather bubble on your skin, you’ll be swept off your feet by its intriguing blend of warm, modern notes. Take delight in the bright, contemporary essence of sizzling pink pepper, mysterious woods, and tart, playful cassis that will waft from your skin long after you’ve washed.

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Despite the youthful essence of this contemporary new fragrance, our RU N2 Me Layers aroma will bring the zest of love into the hearts of women any age. You’ll feel the sweet caress of intrigue the moment that you use this Shower Gel’s sensual blend of warm pink pepper, deep woods, and flirtatious cassis.

Coy yet daring, two hearts new to the game of romance love the thrill of the chase, feeling the excitement flutter within every moment that they’re kept guessing. Now, with our newly developed RU N2 Me Shower Gel, you can immerse yourself in the sweet delight of pursuit every time you start your day. Build upon this trendy new aroma with more products from our Layers collection.