Sunkissed Citrus Layers Shower Gel


Made with only the finest quality fragrance oils, this tangy blend of oranges, lemons, lime, and grapefruit will smell as if you’ve just returned with a fresh picked bounty from the nearby citrus grove.

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When you’ve got only a few minutes to perk up and get ready before taking on the morning, use our radiantly scented Sunkissed Citrus Shower Gel to go from tired and weary to joyful and cheery in no time flat. You’ll be energized by bright notes of fresh oranges, grapefruits, limes and lemons that grow all the more vibrant the moment they touch your skin. Its crisp, luminous essence will have you feeling zesty and alive.

The alarm clock is buzzing, and you’ve got to be out the door fast. But with all of that grogginess wearing you down, how will you ever make it in time? Wash away all traces of drowsiness by using our brightly scented Sunkissed Citrus Shower Gel. The moment you open it’s cap, you’ll feel as if the sun itself has released its warm, energizing rays all around you. What comes out as a smooth, silky gel quickly turns into a rich, cleansing lather that is bursting with exciting aroma.