Zeppelin Layers Shower Gel


Relive the same experience of pure refreshment by trying our new Zeppelin Shower Gel. Your spirit will soar at new heights when you breathe in the crisp scent of citrus bursts, sage, vetiver, and uplifting sandalwood.

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The both of you will be swiftly inspired by this invigorating, subtly masculine scent. You’ll love the bright, zesty notes of citrus and vetiver, while your man will adore the wild, outdoorsy element of sage and sandalwood. Now, your spirits can take to the skies as a couple every time you wash when you use our Zeppelin Shower Gel.

You’ll never forget the time your man surprised you with that romantic hot air balloon ride over the countryside. As the torch roared and liftoff had begun, you felt your heart leaping in your chest with the thrill of a whole new perspective. Peering over the distancing ground below, you took in the deep, exhilarating essence of the atmospheric winds. The breeze that pushed you up into the clouds carried the brisk, earthy aromas of the land below. The best part about this shower gel is that its invigorating aroma is completely neutral, making your man just as likely to fall in love with its wild, gusty fragrance.