Simply Lime Scentsy Bar


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The Simply Lime Scentsy bar will give you a burst of aroma of the deep green limes that hang from the full bodied Tilia trees This brisk scent will leave you feeling energized and awaken your senses.

When we created our new Simply Scentsy collection, we wished to capture your favorite fragrance notes in their own individual bars, just as we have with our wonderfully green Simply Lime Scentsy Bar.

Refresh yourself with the wonderfully tart, green essence of your favorite citrus fruit, by using our new Simply Lime Scentsy Bar. The brisk aroma of the Tilia tree fruit is captured in a single note that you can enjoy when you’re in need of pure energy.

The Simply Lime Scentsy Bar. As summer comes into full swing, the trees in the nearby citrus grove begin to swell with the juicy, succulent fruits that you’re so eager to harvest. The most tempting of all are the deep green limes that hang from the full bodied Tilia trees. Even before they’re plucked and gathered, they emit a briskly refreshing aroma through their rinds and leaves that awakens your senses with a feeling of energy. Once you’ve pierced through to the tangy fruit, you can experience the full, uniquely tart flavor that bursts with citrusy sparkle.