Scentsy Tilia Nightlight Warmer


Outlined against a softly illuminated white background, a lone black tree stretches up to the autumn sky in the Scentsy Tilia Plug In Nightlight Warmer.

The call of a crow at dusk, the magic of a crisp breeze – the Scentsy Tilia Plug In Nightlight Warmer celebrates that special autumn feeling all year round with a bare-branched tree in silhouette. The matte white opaque sides glow a soft pink that outlines the tree when this warmer is turned on.

You can almost hear the crisp crackle of leaves underfoot when you click your Scentsy Tilia Plug In Nightlight Warmer on. The opaque white sides glow with a pink light, outlining a bold black tree in the center with the colors of a dimming sunset. This seasonal beauty is ideal for celebrating brisk fall air, even if your schedule doesn’t leave a lot of room for a walk through the woods. For added ambience, try this warmer with a nature-inspired Scentsy blend!

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