Owlet Scentsy Warmer


This adorable baby bird has a tight grasp on the newly leafed-out branch of his favorite tree and will soon hold just as firmly to your heart.


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The newest addition to Scentsy’s rookery, the captivating Owlet Scentsy Warmer has both eyes wide-open. Charmingly captured in full color on a buff background, this little guy is a hoot as he spreads light and fragrance from his perch in your home, or keeps an “eye” on a dear one.

“Whoo is my new family?” As the wide-eyed Owlet Scentsy Warmer questions, the answer most likely is, “We are!” Fun in your family room or delightful in your den, this unblinkingly cute character adds steadfast light and a sprightly fragrance to whichever corner you select as his roost.