Petal Purple Scentsy Warmer


Perfect to welcome Spring, our Petal Purple Scentsy Warmer is available to purchase today!

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Boldly colored like the first brave buds breaking through an soaking up the Spring sun, the Petal Purple Scentsy Warmer is a refreshing reminder of the renewal that comes during this hopeful season. Gentle waves of bright violet cup the perfect place to melt springy Scensty fragrances, filling your home with the promise of warmth and rebirth.

Petal Purple Premium Warmer from Scentsy brings sweet springtime to life in your home even before the first tentative buds unfurl their delicate beauty. Graceful and more than a little fanciful, the saturated color and whimsical waves of the deep purple petals draw you into a fairy tale world where flower cups hold the most magical fragrances you can imagine or desire. Experience the longed for renewal of Spring anytime of the year with this lovely flower just waiting to surround you with a favored Scentsy aura and to brighten your day with a purple pop of pure floral fantasy.