Lighthouse Scentsy Warmer


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The Lighthouse Scentsy Warmer is our Warmer of the Month for July 2013. The soft glow coming from our intricately crafted Lighthouse Scentsy Warmer will bring a sense of seaside comfort to your home.

Brighten your home with the refreshing atmosphere of the seaside this summer by bringing in our July Warmer of the Month: The Lighthouse Scentsy Warmer. This new design is one of our most detailed yet, with authentic, hand painted and sculpted touches that resemble those of real shoreside lighthouses. You’ll love the way the hand finished, thoughtful details, such as the traditional swirl of navy and white paint, give an authentic maritime vibe to any room. This Scentsy Warmer will be 10% off the month it is featured, and you can begin ordering it on July 1st, 2013. It's sure to be a favorite!

Now that the summer has come, you can finally set sail on the windswept ocean waves. After you’ve spent an afternoon basking in the cool spray of seafoam and maritime breezes, you’ll rely upon the shoreside lighthouse to guide you safely home. The twirling light in the beacon tower penetrates the darkness as clearly as the northern star itself. Welcome this warmth and light into your home with our July Scentsy Warmer of the Month: our new Lighthouse Scentsy Warmer. The July design is one of our most detailed ever, with its full architecture based on that of a realistic lighthouse. Every inch is hand sculpted and painted, from the crevices between the bricks, to the classic swirl of navy and white coloring. This Warmer comes with a removable Warming Dish Topper that lets fragrance delicately filter through, just like its inner light.

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