Camu Camu Room Spray


Camu-camu – it may be hard to pronounce, but it’s easy to love. This guava-like fruit joins sunny mandarin orange and yummy passionfruit in a tropical scent trio.

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The exotic camu camu fruit smells like fresh, wonderful tropical fruit, very similar to guava with citrus undertones. It’s mixed with the perky citrus scent of mandarin oranges and sweet passionfruit in this room spray – a truly dynamite island trio. One spray and you’ll be ready to order a mai-tai from your lounge chair!

A lush, sweet fruit grown from tiny white flowers, camu-camu has a beautiful fruit-floral aroma that makes it ideal for a room spray. Paired with other bright scents like warm mandarin orange and delightful passionfruit, the effect is an island-inspired fragrance that will transport any room in your home to the tropics.