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Camu Camu Scentsy Bar


Our Camu Camu Scentsy Bar is lush with the aroma of natural jewels. Notes of juicy mandarin, red passionfruit, and sweet, cherry-like camu camu will fill your home with exotic appeal.

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Our Camu Camu Scentsy Bar contains the lush aroma of succulent jungle fruits, including cherry-like camu camu, citrine mandarin, and mouth watering passionfruit. You can purchase any of our Scentsy Bars individually, or in any of our combine and save Scentsy Discounted Bundles. There is even a buy 5 get 1 free Scentsy 6 pack bundle.

Deep in the Amazon jungle, you’ll find the most tropical and unique fruits and vegitation. Pink camu camu hangs from the trees, with it’s sweet and delightful fruit. Mandarin juice sparkles with a citrine glow, and passionfruits burst with a splash of red juice. Invite in these jungle aromas in your home with our tropical Camu Camu Scentsy Bar.

Just add a few cubes of our Camu Camu Scentsy Bar in the top dish your Scentsy Warmer, switch it on, and within minutes your home will be filled with this sweet fragrance. Can be purchased in any of our money saving Scentsy Discounted Bundles.