Eskimo Kiss Scentsy Bar


You won’t need to rub noses with your family and friends to show the love – this sweet treat combo of blackberry jam, vanilla beans, brown sugar and amber will do it for you!


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When the weather’s chilly, nothing warms your heart (and your nose!) quite the “comfort food” desserts. This Scentsy bar features warm blackberry jam-filled pie, generously sprinkled with crunchy brown sugar and vanilla essence. This sweet combination is served alongside a kiss of earthy, romantic amber resin for a homespun touch.

The Northern Lights might be far from home, but you can still enjoy winter’s beauty from the comfort of your couch with this warm, delectable scent. A dollop of rich, sweet-tart blackberry jam adds a kiss of fruit to earthy brown sugar and delicate vanilla. Finished with alluring amber resin, you’ll love the way this Eskimo Kiss Scentsy bar fills the air with delight.