Scentsy Classic Collection

The Scentsy Classic Collection of warmers is simple, yet bold and fits with most décors. Scenty warmers come in a modern-chic curved design that brings a touch of elegance to a room. Each of the Classic Collection warmers has a matte finish and comes in beautifully bold colors such as black, cream, green and purple.

Classic Vase Curvature

Classic Scentsy warmers come in the standard full-size of six inches tall and reach about four and a half inches wide at the widest point. The warmers are four-sided with a classic vase curvature that opens out at the top. Each side of the warmers holds three openings to release a soft glow from the light bulbs which may add to the ambiance in a room. The matte finish gives each Scentsy warmer smooth, clean finish and softens the colors so they may easily blend with almost every room’s décor.

Replace The Long-Lasting Bulb Easily

When the Scentsy 25-watt bulb needs changing, the top dish comes off easily, but remains sturdy on the base when in use. As with all of their products, the Scentsy Classic Collection fills a room with a beautiful scent using a small light bulb to heat scented wax. This means no flames are used, eliminating the need for lighters or matches. The warmers are cleaner than candles because they do not leave a carbon residue on the holders and the raised sides of the top dish reduce the risk of spilled wax.

A Simple, Classic Design

According to customers, the Scentsy Classic Collection goes well with almost every room and comes in beautiful colors that appeal to people who prefer a more simple design. The curves on the warmers make it easier than some of the other collections to hold when it needs to be moved to another room. Like many Scentsy warmers, the Classic Collection quickly fills each room with a nice scent without being overpowering. They are easy to move around and are simple to refill.

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