Whoot Nightlight Scentsy Warmer


Let this friendly glowing owl nightlight warmer help you see in the dark while filling your home with a favorite Scentsy fragrance from its molded-in melting dish.

This nocturnal mascot of wisdom is ready to light your way and fragrance your home from his perch on your outlet. A special opaque white body allows this nightlight warmer to glow from within. The sculpted dish at the top gently melts your favorite Scentsy blends to release just the right amount of fragrance.

Ancient symbol for intelligence, confidant of the Greek goddess Athena, and now a glowing addition to your home decor – this white ceramic Owl nightlight is made for functional beauty. An opaque body and detailed molding allow each finely-sculpted feather to shine and his bright eyes to glow when he’s plugged in. What a hoot!

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