Hardwood Scentsy Warmer


This unique and elegant Hardwood Scentsy Warmer is available for purchase today!

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A hand pieced artisan look is cultivated by the Hardwood Scentsy Warmer, beautifully grained in tones of golden, ash and dark wood. A curved bottom colored in bronze is matched with a lid to cradle your favored Scentsy. This is a warmer that spans all seasons and styles, sure to be a constant element in your Scentsyscape.

Make a thoroughly modernistic statement with the Hardwood Scentsy Warmer, a naturally based accent piece that melds easily and completely with your sense of style. Simple and subtle, this warmer really shines by not demanding attention, a steady and solid part of your decorating scheme and a constant companion essential to creating your Scentsy ambiance. The many toned finish complements a variety of different moods and an array of aesthetics, handsome but unassuming. This is a warmer that works well in a living room, library, family room, vacation home, master bedroom — an evolved Scentsy warmer welcome just about anywhere.