Simply Vanilla Scentsy Bar


Introducing our Simply Vanilla Scentsy Bar! It features a soft, sumptuous and sweet vanilla scent that is both comforting and reassuring.

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The Simply Vanilla Scentsy Bar features soft, sweet vanilla and is a scent that is wonderfully comforting. This classic, creamy fragrance represents so many of the simple pleasures in life, which is why you’ll find our new Simply Vanilla Scentsy Bar to be an utter necessity in your collection of Scentsy aromas.

Simply Vanilla Scentsy Bar. If someone were to ask you what the most comforting scent could be, wouldn’t it be an easy answer? It doesn’t take much thought to conclude that the ultimate soothing aroma is that of traditional, warm vanilla. This gentle fragrance reminds you of the simple pleasures in life: the softness of your baby’s skin, the relaxation of a steamy bath, the sweetness of a freshly baked sugar cookie, and even the sensuality felt during an intimate cuddle session with the one you love.

Give yourself a chance to enjoy this creamy, classic aroma at any time by using our Simply Vanilla Scentsy Bar. As part of our Simply Scentsy collection, you will be treated to the pure essence of soft, sumptuous vanilla whenever you need its gentle reassurance.