Perfectly Pomegranate Scentsy Bar


Persephone wasn’t this fun fruit’s only fan – you’ll also fall in love with this updated take on exotically tart pomegranate, sweetened up with dark, juicy berries.


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Exotic yet familiar, the bright red pomegranate is a burst of unexpected fruity freshness wherever it appears. If you love the scent of this unique fruit, you don’t need to harvest handfuls of messy seeds – just open this Scentsy bar to get your fragrance fix, complete with a swirl of ripe berries for added sweetness.

Like a botanical treasure filled with bright red rubies, the pomegranate is beautiful, delicious and fragrant. This special blend draws in the fruit’s naturally tart scent and mingles with sweet undertones of dark, ripe berries for layers of luscious fruit fragrance. This Scentsy bar is versatile enough to grace your home throughout the year.