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Scentsy Moonstone Warmer

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Lay your claim to the colorful swirls of light and wonderful aromas of the Moonstone Art Glass Warmer, available for an evening performance at your whim from Scentsy.

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Absolutely magical, the Scentsy Moonstone Art Glass Warmer offers both a scent and a light show when the switch is flipped. Every one of these shades is a little different, being hand blown, and the LED light shimmers through a variety of hues to keep the aura fresh and unexpected.

Almost like the Northern Lights on your cue Scentsy’s Moonstone Art Glass Warmer casts a wondrous glow throughout your home, saturated colors moving through a range of colors as the LED light changes. This one-of-a-kind warmer is certain to have both your family and your guests clamoring for more as it exudes beautiful Scentsy fragrances and swirls lovely shards and pulses of light throughout your home. Invite this lovely lunar show into your private warmer collection or give as a truly unique gift to that special someone who deserves the enchanting phases of  this magnificent Scentsy marvel.