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Tiger’s Eye Art Glass Scentsy Warmer

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The intriguing Tiger’s Eye Scentsy Warmer is made from hand blown glass and uses a multi-colored LED light to warm the wax and change colors.

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Handblown thus unique, the Tiger’s Eye Art Glass Scentsy Warmer draws you into its endless waves and swirls, the special LED bulb changing visual hues from blue to bronze to green. The rotation of colors glimmers through the artisanal glass in a lively dance complementing the pleasing fragrance wafting from the black lid when you add your Scentsy cubes.

Based upon a hammered textured ebony bowl and capped in glossy black, the stunning Tiger’s Eye Scentsy Warmer captures your complete attention with constantly changing colors that pulse and flow through the undulating curves of the fascinating art glass. Hand blown and featuring the characteristic complex of whorls that pierce through the abstract waves like the predatory gaze of a sinuous and dangerous Big Cat, this warmer causes a “Scent-sation” unlike any other. You cannot look away, locked into the scintillating dance of evolving shapes and flickering light, hypnotized both by irresistible fragrances warming and shifting shapes paired with glowing colors.