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Scentsy Luna Washer Whiffs Tub


Take a scoop of the Scentsy Luna Washer Whiffs Tub and give your laundry the essence of berries, sandalwood and white florals with every cycle.


Product Details

Indulge in Scentsy’s premium Luna fragrance with every load of laundry with the Scentsy Luna Washer Whiffs Tub. Sprinkle these delightful little beads in and you’ll be rewarded with the essence of white florals, plump wild berries and a hint of incense-like sandalwood. Each time you slip between the sheets or unfold a towel, you’ll smile at this fresh, clean fragrance blend.

Bring the beauty of Scentsy’s Luna fragrance to your sheets, towels and favorite clothes with this generous tub of washer whiffs. Just a cap of these aromatic little beads added to your washing machine will deliver a gorgeous ribbon of scent – Luna’s heady blend of perfumed florals like wild freesia, blooming jasmine and cheerful sweet pea, all mixed with earthy sandalwood and ripe berries. One sniff and laundry might not seem like such a chore anymore!