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Order your Scentsy Evolve essential oil diffuser now and see just how satisfying designing your own fragrance profiles can be.

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Scentsy is expanding options to experience clean, clear and natural scents with the Evolve Oil Diffuser. Proportioned in perfect balance width to height, with a graceful neck, the Evolve Diffuser also uses the play of light on its harmoniously blended hues, a beautiful movement of neutrals to rosy corals from the base to the increasing deepness of tone at the top.

Take your time and enjoy each step as you move into a new Scentsy fragrance experience with the elegant and striking looking Evolve Natural Diffuser. Equipped with a nebulizing system that instantaneously converts your chosen essential and natural oils and blends into a microscopic mist, this stylish ceramic shade installs easily on the diffuser platform to concentrate and direct the fragrance. The dark bronze base is topped with a classically shaped vase type container, ringed in various shades of terracotta to cream. The shade narrows and is finished on top with a almost black hue that reprises the bronze foundation.