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Scentsy 6 Pack Bars


6 pack Scentsy bars- Buy 5 get 1 free! As a loyal Scentsy fan, you just can’t get enough of our innovative fragrances.

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6 pack Scentsy bars. As a dedicated lover of all things Scentsy, you deserve to indulge in your favorite brand while getting something extra. We’ve put together this Cost-Saving Multi-Pack to give you 6 Scentsy Bars of your choosing for the price of 5. You’ll get a $5 discount, equivalent to one free Bar!

We appreciate your dedication to our products, and that’s why we’ve put together a Cost-Saving Multi-Pack that allows you to purchase 6 of your favorite Scentsy bars while getting one of them for free. With as much as you support our brand, you deserve the discount of $5 that this special bundle gives you.

Since the day we were founded, Scentsy has worked hard to bring our customers the delight of irresistible fragrances that not only provide lush, pleasant scent, but also last for hours upon hours, providing you with plenty of time to indulge in your favorite aromas. This option is perfect for stocking up on one of your favorite scents, or trying out a variety of the new fragrances we release every season. We recommend using this Scentsy 6 pack bundle to select a different aroma for almost every day of the week, keeping your fragrance experience forever fresh and exciting!