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Scentsy 25-Watt Light Bulb


Replacement light bulb for the full-size Scentsy warmer. Works with both regular and PREMIUM full-size warmers.

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Product Details

Fits both premium and regular full-size warmers. Just because the bulb burns out on your Full Size or Premium Full Size Warmer doesn’t mean that you have to suffer without it. If you’re cleverly prepared, you’ll have one of our spare 25 Watt Light Bulbs on hand if the moment ever strikes. Those who love to bring large, vivid bursts of fragrance into their home always choose to go with one of our Full Size or Premium Full Size Warmers.

Their large size and wax-containing top dish provide plenty of surface area for our Scentsy Bars to melt and release their wonderfully relaxing fragrances. As the largest of our innovatively designed Warmers, they also contain the largest, and thus strongest electrical bulbs. The 25 Watt Light Bulb concealed inside the body of our Full Size Warmers provides a safe yet ideal amount of heat for the Scentsy Bar pieces above to be melted and have their captivating aromas activated. If this bulb were to go out, your Warmer would be out of commission. Be prepared by having a replacement bulb ready in case of power surges or other accidents. You wouldn’t ever want to suffer a day without your beloved warmer!