Scentsy 20-Watt Light Bulb


Fans of Scentsy’s Mid Size and Mid Size Premium warmers love the fact that these products allow for them to bring delicious, high end fragrances to more conservatively sized spaces such as desktops and shelves.

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Keep your Mid Size or Premium Mid Size Warmers always operating with full functionality when you stock up on a spare 20 Watt Light Bulb. If the original ever burns out, you’ll have a replacement ready to install simply and within seconds, allowing you to continue your fragrancing your home without a hitch.

Because these areas are most often found in home and office workspaces, Scentsy customers treasure the option of being able to express their unique scent preferences and soothe their stress at work with the aromatherapeutic effects of their Mid Size Warmers and Scentsy Bars. If you cherish these same features and own a Mid Size Warmer yourself, you’ll want to keep a spare 20 Watt Light Bulb around just in case of power surges or damaging accidents that leave the original bulb burnt out. Be prepared so that you’ll never have to be without your wonderfully relaxing Scentsy warmer!