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Ode to Opulence Scentsy Bar

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Melt a little Ode to Indulgence Scentsy Bar and feel like nobility, a rich mixture of fruity goodness with creamy vanilla spice infused coconut milk.

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An intriguing blend of fruits, coconut milk and vanilla, Ode to Opulence Scentsy Bar invites you to take your “scents-oration” to a whole new level. Close your eyes and breathe in the apricot, blood orange and black currant mix, with a splash of sweet and nutty coconut milk and smooth spicy vanilla.

Poetry of a Scentsy kind, the Ode to Opulence Scentsy Bar is a symphony of perfectly matched fragrance notes. A carefully selected quintet of unique aromas, this bar stresses an interesting fruity melange and then sweetens the deal with smooth spiced vanilla and coconut milk. The fruity lineup includes the golden fragrance of apricots swirled with sweet and intense blood orange juice and the deep berry blast of black currant. Jammy fruit sweetness and tart is balanced with creamy coconut milk, including an assertive splash of spice infused vanilla. You will feel like a queen and your home will be your castle when this fragrance comes calling.