Lenny the Lamb Scentsy Buddy


When it’s time for their nap and they’re drifting off to sleep, your child no longer has to imagine counting sheep! Let leaping Lenny the lamb become their bedtime buddy.


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If you’re looking to give your child the gift of a perfect nap time buddy, Lenny the lamb is the perfect pick! His fluffy fleece and cushy body make for perfect huggability. Your child will love Lenny all the more when they experience the wonderful aroma he can release through the Scent Paks you put in his back pocket.

His soft, white wool makes for perfect snuggling material. Your little one will be soothed and comforted by Lenny’s cuddly body and the wonderfully calming scents he can release from the Scent Paks you insert in his concealed back pouch. In order to help your child drift off to sleep, we recommend calm scents like Newborn Nursery, French Lavender, and Vanilla Cream. Your child will even love taking Lenny along for all of their daytime activities, where he can bring luscious fragrance and endless hours of play and fun.