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Juniper Berry Scentsy Bar

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A hint of fall is in the air with Juniper Berry Scentsy Bar, a rich blend of raspberry and lemon peel with bergamot and pine.

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Juniper Berry Scentsy Bar is a great way to bridge the gap between the end of summer and the beginning of fall. The last black raspberries mix with lemon peel and bitter orange bergamot, layered upon a sharp and resiny base of balsam. Take a deep breath and feel the march toward autumn, crisp and clean.

Create a fragrant bridge between late summer and fall into winter with Juniper Berry Scentsy Bar. Give a nod to the lazy, hazy summer just passed with the smell of black raspberry, fruity and sweet, adding a strip of lemon peel to balance the sweetness with zippy and tart citrus. Moving toward the unavoidable chill is the bitter orange scent of bergamot and the piney note of balsam. This brisk and clean fragrance profile prepares you for the business of fall after the laid back days of summer, looking forward eagerly to the holidays and other times of family togetherness.