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Jamu Giraffe Scentsy Buddy

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Jamu the Giraffe Scentsy Buddy will be a perfect companion to the child in your life. With it's fragrant Scent Pak in the back zipper, it's a cute and cuddly companion that also smells delightful! Includes the Scent Pak of your choice.

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Jamu the Giraffe Scentsy Buddy’s wonderful imagination makes him a great pal for children who love to daydream. Because he is always coming up with such fantastical things, Jamu is known as the best storyteller of all the Safari Buddies, making him a perfect companion at bedtime!

Whoever said that having one’s head in the clouds was a bad thing? If you have a child who loves to daydream, they’ll find a new best friend in Jamu the Giraffe Scentsy Buddy. With a long neck that towers high into the sky, Jamu certainly knows a thing or two about having his head up among the fluffy white puffs. Jamu is a dreamer himself. He spends most of his days staring up into the sky, imagining shapes in the clouds and other fantastical things. His imagination is always running wild, making Jamu the best story teller out of all of the Safari Buddies. Your child will be entertained for hours listening to Jamu’s magical tales of wonder and delight. His talent comes in quite handy at bedtime, when your little one can doze off hearing about Jamu’s imaginings and resting upon his soft, velvety fur.