Golden Scallops Mini Scentsy Warmer


The Golden Scallops Mini Warmer is a beautiful and functional addition to any home. Its scalloped design is finished in a gorgeous gold color and it uses a small, gentle light bulb to warm scented wax and release fragrance. It’s the perfect size for smaller spaces or to use as a decorative accent.

Introducing the latest mermaid-inspired trend in the form of our metallic gold-foil pattern. This Scentsy Mini Warmer stands at 4″ tall with a glow finish and 15W wattage. Made with high-quality glass material, our warmers use a low-watt light bulb or element to melt wax and release fragrance – without the hassle of flame, smoke, or soot. Choose from over 100 designs to complement any décor, and add accessories like colored light bulbs and stands for a personalized touch. With a lifetime warranty, Scentsy wax bars offer over 80 fragrances arranged into families for easy browsing.