Frost the Polar Bear Scentsy Buddy


Meet Frost the Polar Bear, the adorable Scentsy Buddy that will make your heart melt. With his fluffy white fur and charming smile, Frost is the perfect cuddle companion. Add your favorite Scentsy scent pack to his zippered pouch and enjoy hours of cozy fragrance. Bring Frost home today and warm up your winter!

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Frost the Polar Bear is a cuddly Scentsy Buddy perfect for bringing the cool, crisp air of the Arctic into your home. With his fluffy white fur and adorable blue scarf, Frost is sure to melt your heart. His icy blue eyes twinkle with mischief as he fills the room with the refreshing scent of winter pine. Add Frost to your collection today and let his chilly charm warm up any space.

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