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French Lavender Layers Dryer Disk


Now, whenever it comes time to dry your laundry, you can enjoy the calming effects of these lush, static fighting Disks for up to fifteen loads each.

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Who knew that bringing the relaxation of an afternoon spent in the French countryside to your day of chores could be as easy as tossing one of our amazing Dryer Disks in with your laundry? Use our French Lavender Dryer Disks to adorn your clothing with the soothing refreshment of this calming aroma.

Ever since you became the lady of the house, you’ve taken your daily duties in stride. But despite your natural grace, taking care of the household chores seems to always be a stressful drudgery. Between stepping up in your career and running after your little ones, you’ve got enough on your plate. If only there were a way to turn these tedious tasks into simple luxuries that help you relax! Well luckily for you, Scentsy has done just that, by introducing our revolutionary Dryer Disks in a soothing French Lavender aroma. The best part about our French Lavender Dryer Disks is that they leave a strong, lasting fragrance on your clothing, enabling you to enjoy the tranquil, herbaceous aroma long after the laundry’s been done and put away.