French Lavender Layers Shower Cream

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Our French Lavender Shower Cream will not only leave your skin feeling velvety smooth, but also wafting with the coy, prim aroma of wild buds straight from the hills of France. Because its understated fragrance lingers on throughout the day, everyone around you will notice the Parisian finesse that surrounds you without ever feeling overwhelmed.

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Show the world that for you, abiding by the rules of feminine sophistication is not just an option, it’s a way of life. When you use our French Lavender Shower Cream, your skin will be left softly scented with the bright, herbaceous elegance of the European bloom. This invigorating floral is both ladylike and demure, making it perfect for the woman who attracts others with her charm, not just her aroma.

In these modern times, many young women have lost the sense of moderation that once defined a generation full of refinement and taste. You’re a rare breed indeed, as a woman of unwavering class and poise, and you know that the principle of balanced beauty also applies to a lady’s personal fragrance. So many embellish themselves with overpowering aromas, rather than choosing a light, elegant aroma that will cling to your skin and keep others guessing. Exercise your mastery of the feminine way by choosing to cleanse your skin with one of our most effortlessly graceful scents.