Flower Garden Scentsy Warmer


This page features the Flower Garden Warmer by Scentsy, a beautiful ceramic wax warmer designed to infuse any space with a delightful floral fragrance. The warmer’s intricate design features a bouquet of colorful flowers, creating a charming ambiance that’s perfect for any room. This product is available for purchase on the Scentsy website.



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Experience the enchanting glow of your garden with Scentsy’s Flower Garden Warmer. Delicate, laser-etched flowers sparkle against a frosted interior finish, creating a stunning bouquet. Measuring 6.5″ tall and using a 25W low-watt light bulb, this warmer fills your space with fragrance safely and without flame, smoke, or soot. Scentsy offers a variety of warmers and wax bars, with over 100 designs and 80 fragrances to choose from. Each high-quality piece is handcrafted by artisans around the world and comes with a lifetime warranty. Complete the look with stylish accessories such as colored light bulbs and warmer stands, and easily find your favorites by browsing Scentsy’s fragrance families.